18 wheeler accident

Have You Been Injured in Louisiana on I-10 or I-12? Call Herrin Kervin and Get Results.

Together, I-10 and I-12 run the entire width of the state of Louisiana. These interstate highways are heavily used by 18 wheelers and commercial trucks.

I-12 is routinely ranked as one of the top ten deadliest interstates in the country.  I-10, I-12, I-55, and I-20—-these 4 sections of Louisiana’s interstates average 1 fatality for every .83 miles of roadway.

I-10 and I-12 are also ranked as one of the busiest and most congested interstate highways in Louisiana. From Slidell to Covington to Baton Rouge to Lafayette to Lake Charles, 18 wheelers and big rigs can rule the road.  When accidents occur with 18 wheelers and big trucks, the damages can be enormous.

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