Has Your Child Suffered a Bounce House or Inflatable Injury in Louisiana?

Bounce houses and other inflatable play areas are a popular staple for fairs, events, and children’s parties, but they aren’t without their risks. Aside from the inherent dangers posed by a bouncy, inflatable surface that your child and other children jump around on, there’s a high potential for negligence-related accidents. If your child sustained an…

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Know Your Rights Under Louisiana’s Medical Malpractice Laws

Know Your Rights Under Louisiana's Medical Malpractice Laws

Medical malpractice can have devastating results. Misdiagnosis, inappropriate or delayed treatment, and other medical mistakes could lead to injury and even death. Winning a medical malpractice lawsuit in Louisiana can be complicated. To have a chance of recovering damages, the plaintiff needs timely, compelling medical evidence that must go through an intricate medical review process.…

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What Are Your Rights in Louisiana in an Accident with an 18-Wheeler?

Accident with an 18-Wheeler in Louisiana | Covington, LA

Accidents involving an 18-wheeler usually result in catastrophic injuries and death. 18-wheelers are not the only large vehicles that can be dangerous to a smaller passenger car. There are numerous trucks on the roads of Louisiana that contribute to trucking accident statistics: Cement Trucks Construction Trucks Delivery Trucks Dump Trucks Flatbed Trucks Garbage Trucks Tanker…

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Involved in a Car Accident in Louisiana? 10 Facts You Must Know

10 Facts Know About Involving in a Car Accident in Louisiana

Whether you’ve been in an accident or you simply want to educate yourself about what to do after an accident, there are many Louisiana rules you must know. Additionally, in these days of complex and confusing insurance claims, you need a personal injuries lawyer to help you understand your rights and guide you through each…

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Our courts could use better technology.

Technology and the Courts in Louisiana | Call (985) 283-3252

By: David Kervin Jr. Our courts could use better technology in Louisiana, while lawyers have a variety of practice management tools to assist them at work, the administration of justice at the state court level is often lacking in uniformity and technological innovation. Technological innovation in filing and docket management, and the use of AI…

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Minivan or SUV: Which is Safer?

Minivan or SUV: Which is Safer Minivan or SUV

Today, a family car means either a car-based crossover SUV (“CUV”), or to a lesser degree a traditional truck-like sport-utility vehicle (SUV), or a minivan.  All offer three rows of seating to accommodate up to seven or eight passengers and the latest in family-friendly features, including important accident-avoidance systems. CUVs are the sales leaders among the…

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Welcome To Herrin Kervin Attorneys At Law

Louisiana Herrin Kervin Personal Injury Attorneys at Law

Friends, I am very proud to announce the merging of my law practice with another established firm to form Herrin Kervin Attorneys at Law. This combination brings together highly compatible law practices with one goal: winning your case. Herrin Kervin combines cutting-edge technology with innovative legal strategies and old-fashioned, hard-nosed lawyering. I am proud to be…

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